Jeremiah’s Complaints: NYC Salt Reduction

I recently learned that New York City was trying to reduce salt in processed foods to improve cardiovascular health.  That sounds good.  There probably is too much of that stuff in our food as well as all that sugar crap that’s in everything.

Want to cut sugar out of your diet?  Well too bad if you like buying things that come in boxes or jars.  Here’s some lettuce and a raw oyster.  Enjoy your new life.

But back to New York City’s campaign to reduce salt intake because of its affect on our health.  Here’s what I don’t get:  If the city wants to regulate things to make us healthier, if the city wants us to have healthier hearts, then the answer ain’t cutting out the salt, the answer is making everyone get off their salted ham rump roast asses.  Or better yet, the answer is letting everyone get off their salted rump roast asses.

How many hours a day does everyone spend sitting down?  I currently work 9 damn hours a day at a temp job.  Throw in three hours to commute (my fault) and I spend 12 hours a day sitting down.  Lucky for me, this is a temp job.  I only have to do it for a few more weeks.  Unlucky for people who don’t have such a temporary situation.  How many people in this city sit for 9-12 hours a day?  You want New Yorkers to be healthier?  Limit the work day.  Limit the amount of days people need to go to work.  It makes no sense that with all the computers and stupid iPhones that people have to be in an office for forty to sixty hours a week.  We constantly are inventing labor saving devices and we just use them as an excuse to do more labor.   Screw that.  Let’s give it a rest and get outside.  Less work hours will mean more time to exercise, more time to deal with stress, more time to enjoy things.  You know who’s healthy, people who are happy.  You know who gets sick?  People who work too hard.  You ever work real hard for a long period of time and then take a week off?  What happens?  You get sick.

The stupidest part of the whole deal is that there are huge chunks of the day when people aren’t really working but a required to be at their suicide machines of a work environment.  Why do we have the need to be at a job for 8 hours (in many cases more) a day?

Get off of that seat and go outside, New York.  That’s what the city should be helping us to do.  Salt is the least of our worries.  The city that never sleeps has turned into the city that always sits.

My Crackpot Theory: Sugar is a Mind Control Drug

"I ate too much sugar, time for a nap."

O.K., gang, here’s what I got. Do you read the ingredients when you’re grocery shopping? I do. And I’ve noticed that everything contains processed sugar, or more frequently high fructose corn syrup. That’s as bogus as bogus gets. We don’t need that crap in everything. I have a theory. Now maybe this is orchestrated by food companies to have people get addicted to sugar foods and keep buying sugary products or maybe food companies are answering our cheap decadent demands or possibly “those in power” want us to consume mass amounts of sugar. No matter the cause, I think it has a disastrous effect: I think it makes us lazy, compliant, and less likely to counter the status quo. I think sugar makes us sheep, easy to herd and easy to fatten. My apologies to sheep, I think they’re beautiful animals, but you get the picture.

Here’s the deal. My parents were friends with missionaries in Zimbabwe, you know that horrible dictator Mugabe’s country. Apparently, these missionary friends would get upset whenever they passed by a “happy hour” back in the United States. They weren’t upset for the reasons you think: “the sin of drinking,” etc. They were upset because apparently in Zimbabwe at the end of the day after everyone was leaving their low paying crap jobs, the government would SUBSIDIZE happy hours all over the country so that the people could have a little beer, get a little happy, then go to sleep–never having enough time to think, plan, or organize about getting rid of their crappy dictator government. It’s pretty genius–and makes me think about people who hate their jobs for 8 hours a day then regularly flock to the nearest happy hour. When do they have time to plan to make things better?

But back to sugar. It’s in everything. It’s hard to avoid. What happens when you eat a lot of sugar? You enjoy it, maybe get a little hyper, then crash, and possibly later on in life suffer from dietary induced health problems. I think that this overflow of processed sugar and high fructose corn syrup is making us a little complacent and physically lazy, chipping away at our desire to make an effort to change things–kind of like the state sponsored beer in Zimbabwe. Look at us, we thrive on convenience. We only get upset when things are taken away from us. Were we always like that? I think our sugar intake has something to do with this mindset. I don’t have any hard science to back up my theory and I’m not convinced it’s intentional but I think it’s happening. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup, I theorize, are mind control drugs in the sense that they make us complacent and reluctant to get off the couch. Seriously, how many people have a soda with every meal? It’s insane how much sugar we pump into our system. We all remember eating too much candy when we were little and the moods it induced. There has to be some mass psychological effect of all this sugar.

I must disclose that I ate more than a few chocolate chunk cookies before writing this crackpot theory.

That’s my two cents, drop yours in the comments.

Final Discourse