Bob’s Jedi Deli

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, why not come on down to Bob’s Jedi Deli?

Bob’s Jedi Deli is a track from All That Is Holy, a comedy album which features some of my hilarious stand-up and kooky sketches.

I made this video using Google image Search, Photoshop, and iMovie6.

Tatooine Should Have Black Trees!

I just stumbled across the below article in the Christian Science Monitor that said planets with two suns, such as Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine, might have plants that absorb sunlight differently and thus be black or grey.

Color me black? Alien planets with two suns sprout dark trees. –

The photo above is of Luke Skywalker waiting for his acceptance letter from Middlebury College, from Star Wars: The College Years

Jabba The Hutt at The Comedy Hut

This is an audio sketch I made a little while back. I think the idea came from doing open mics and feeling like no one was listening. I had fun making (and borrowing) all the audience sounds, especially Jabba’s fan in the back of the room and the Storm Trooper at the bar.

I recorded this sketch on a multi-track recorder and played around with reverb to get that “comedy club sound.” I found the Wookie sound effects online (I forget the link but it was an official Star Wars soundboard or something). I dropped the pitch of my voice doing Jabba a tad and found The Complete Wermo’s Guide to Huttese for help with the vocabulary.

I forget where I found the sound of C-WHAT-PO’s gyros, but I remember it was a long search. I think I bought something off of For the Storm Troopers and C-WHAT-PO, I played around with a hi-pass filter and some distortion to make it have that “droid/helmet speaker” sound.

I edited the sketch on Garageband, but I never like how Garageband exports “songs.” The exported “song” never sounds right to me. So what I do is, play the sketch on Garageband and record the playback with Audio Hijack, which records a great CD quality .wav file.

Star Wars (1977) Deleted Scene/ Han Solo’s Roommate

Dear Acting Diary: Putting Derek the Doozer in Star Wars

My friend and colleague Wayne Henry asked me to help with an idea he had for his character Derek the Doozer to appear in a scene from Star Wars.  Wayne had the scene picked out as well as a script.  The challenge was to delete Princess Leia from the scene and insert Derek.  It looked like the editing of Star Wars would make this easy for us because of the  back and forth shots of Carrie Fisher and Mark Hammill.  Thanks to the Sage Theater, we shot Derek’s bits against a black background using wooden blocks to recreate the prison bench.

Using my DVD player, the TV hookup of my camcorder, and my Macbook I was able to get the Star Wars footage pretty easily.  I then chopped up the scene and inserteed Derek. 

But there were two problems:

1) Derek’s eyeline was off, it didn’t look like he was talking to Mark Hammill.  It looked like he was looking the other way.  I solved this problem by using a plugin in iMovie which let me flip the footage of Derek.  Now, he’s looking at Luke.

2) The sound was weird because the music wasn’t present in the scenes with Derek.  So I found what I thought was close enough to the music in the scene and just put it over the whole scene.  I thought this would sound weird over the music in the sclips of Luke, but I think it worked pretty good.

I also added my voice in the end over the Admiral.

And that’s how a youtube video is made!

Jeremiah’s Character Lab: Pete Fosse