Jeremiah’s Complaints: The Oil on Top of Peanut Butter Really Chaps My Rear

I can not stand the oil that floats on top of natural peanut butter when you first open the jar! I just tried to mix it up and now I have all sorts of gross crap all over my hands, the jar, and whatever was in a two foot radius. Why is that peanut butter oil even in there!!? Why can’t they just make the jars two inches taller and leave some room for the oil to slosh around? Why does the oil always splash over and get on everything? There’s peanut butter oil all over my computer as I type this! It’s warm, slick, and chunky with peanuts. A s soon as you put the stupid knife in the jar, stupid crap just oozes out over the side and attacks you. It is some of the grossest crap known to man. No wonder they hate peanut butter in most countries. How am I supposed to clean this stuff? It gets on everything. Droopy crap everywhere!