Working on Songs for My First Musical

Below are two more songs that I’m working on for my first musical, ‘The Temp Writes a Musical.’  I have no musical skill, experience, or acumen.  I do have Garageband, so I figured why not get something out of my office work experience.  Let me know what you think.

You’re A Beautiful Human Being

Vending Machine at 2


icon for podpress  Vending Machine at 2: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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The First Song of My First Musical

icon for podpress  I'm Really Nervous About Making Travel Arrangements for This Man I Don't Know: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Here is the first song of my forthcoming first musical.  I have no musical or songwriting ability but I do have Garageband.

This song is entitled “I’m Really Nervous Making Travel Arrangements for This Man I Don’t Know.”

Stay tuned for the rest of the musical.


The Night Devil: Evil-9, Episode 2

Conspiracy! Grapple Guns! Fare Evasion! Danger!

Here’s the first draft of “The Night Devil: Evil-9, Episode 2.” It’s part of my “audio comic” line of projects mixing elements of radio drama, music, and still images. I produce this episode using Garageband for all the audio as well as iMovie for putting together the still images. Check it out!

“Isn’t it beautiful boys, the ancient land of Japan…” One of My Classic Garageband Songs


Check it out! I made this song on Garageband!

Final Discourse!