My Concerns on the Ground Zero Mosque

I have a few concerns about this Ground Zero Mosque we’re building. I was in Manhattan on 9/11/2001 and drive by Ground Zero every day, so I think I have some solid perspective.

Here are my concerns:

The location of the Mosque: It’s not exactly on Ground Zero, it’s a couple blocks away.  This is pointless.  Perhaps we should consider putting it actually in Ground Zero, make it really tall, as a little insurance policy that history doesn’t repeat itself. 

Transportation: Come on, Lower Manhattan?  Where’s Osama bin laden supposed to park?  We expect the leader of Al Qaeda to take the train in the middle of Ramadan?  Let’s roll out the red carpet a little for our foreign visitors.

Moderate Muslims: I have been hearing, time and time again, that this Mosque is being made by moderate Muslims.  Come on, guys.  Let’s get the extremist, crazy-town, bomb’s away, infidel fearing, I’ll do anything to get out of the desert Muslims in there so we know where to catch and hold them guilty until proven innocent.

Not-So-Sparkling Vistas: In the Mosque’s current location, I’m afraid the view will be quite poor in the secret room where President Obama and Mohammed will meet every Tuesday to discuss how to run the world.  A nice solid panorama of the city would really make us all the more human as these two decide which liberties to steal from us.