McCain Unveils New Sleeping Beauty DVD


BLUE BELL, Pa.–Senator John McCain unveiled the Disney animated classic, Sleeping Beauty on DVD and Blu-Ray, aimed at compulsive DVD collectors, parents too lazy to stop by the library to borrow a copy, and fans furious over the film’s appearance on VHS.

In a DVD loaded with extra features, Mr. McCain proposed watching all of the background material to fully understand this piece of Disney history. The DVD would be available on ebay for $14.99 if consumers elect to “Buy It Now,” based on the McCain campaign’s internal estimates.

In addition, Mr. McCain proposed that this new DVD be used to as a foundation for a Disney themed movie night, urging families to purchase upwards of 5 Disney animated DVDs at Wal-Mart or Best Buy. “My friends, never before has Sleeping Beauty been available like this on DVD and Blu-Ray. The colors just pop,” Mr. McCain said in a crowded elevator.

Mr. McCain’s unveiling of the limited edition Sleeping Beauty DVD comes a day after his rival, Senator Barack Obama, announced ABC’s exciting new Fall dramas, especially highlighting “Private Practice.” Mr. Obama promoted the show by saying, “I enjoy following the social lives of Doctors.”