My List of Characters

In preparation for the recording of my comedy album, here’s a list of all my characters.

Jeremiah, The Stand-Up
Vice Principal Jones, Half Nazi Robot, Half School Administrator
Eddie McOwskey, Candidate for Every Single Election in the United States
Sealegs McGoo, Old Man and Sea Captain
Professor Bevan Damrosch, The “Cool” English Professor
State Trooper Poop Daniels
News Anchor Shit Whitman
Chuckles the Birthday Bear
Jesus, Humanity’s Savior Who Doesn’t Speak English Very Well
Coach Anton Carmichael, Gym Teacher & Veteran of the following wars: Gulf 1 & 2, Vietnam, Korea, Civil, Spanish-American, and”a bunch of other thankless man made mistakes that never made the news.”
Steven, The Pissy Waiter with Feelings of Entitlement
Chip Connors, former Apollo 19 Astronaut and current Assistant Manager of The Shop N’ Drop Grocery
Doctor Space, The Man Who Dares to Conquer All of Space
Jameson Bartleby, The Town Ghost
The Sad Singing Trashcan
Chuck Norris, Y’all!
Vice President Joseph Biden
Former President George W. Bush
The Night Devil, an Avenger of the Night who Fights White Collar Crime and Falls off of Buildings
Jackie Claus, Santa’s Son and Presidential Hopeful
Bill Clinton/Jimmy Carter
Richard C. Hoagland
Crazy Aunt Sally
Tooth Fairy II
The Italian Man Who’s Cousin, Luciano, Just Got Hit By The Zamboni
The Phone Guy

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