National Sketch Writing Month: Gargamel’s Review of Avatar

Gargamel’s Review of Avatar

Avatar, James Cameron’s latest titanic of a flop, left my wallet terminated. I saw this movie in Imax, as in I maxed out my American Express card buying a ticket.

Yes, Azrael.

There is no truer lie than the fact that is film is nothing more than thinly veiled pro-Smurf propaganda which I find insulting to those of us out there who have devoted our lives to pursuing a very real unobtanium, turning the little blue devils into gold. I would have rather spent my time staring into an abyss than to have Cameron push his mushroom loving politics, in 3-D no less, on hard working sorcerers such as myself.

But that being said, Sigourney Weaver has done it again.

Two stars.

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