Loveseat Smackdown, Part 2

Previously on Jeremiah’s Blog:  As I search for a loveseat to adorn my sparsely furnished but very cluttered apartment, I’ve turned to the kooky offerings of Craigslist.


This loveseat looks good.  I bet it’s a great nap couch.  Unfortunetalythe little open skirt at the bottom makes it looks like its fly is open.  Who knows what might pop out of that thing!  I can’t live with that kind of stress.  Or those kind of smells.


I can’t lie.  This loveseat is sexy.  But I’d have to go out and buy a whole bunch of new colognes to match it.


I like how the photographer waited for just the right lighting. 


I don’t think this is a real photo, I think it’s a screenshot from The Wonder Years


Back to Hell, you beast.


This one is advertised as “free.”  I can’t tell if I’m looking at a couch or dirty underwear.  Whatever the case, it would match my apartment perfectly.

I can already see this one covered with junkmail, comic books, and yogurt cups. And the cool thing is that with this epic pattern, no one would be the wiser.  A loveseat of secrets I have before me.


This ad invites us all to “email for more pics.”  Hopefully they would be pics of other couches.  Preferably clean ones that don’t sag in the middle. 


The bare spot you see highlighted in this Hitchcockian photo is because this couch is part of a sectional set.  The other pieces of the set aren’t being offered.  However, if your children like to color or perhaps you like to make your garage look as uninviting as possible, this might be the item for you.


The ad from which this photo was plucked advertised that a recliner, couch, and sofa were for sale.  I guess he’s just teasing us by posting a photo of his handsome end table/magazine rack/pressboard sculpture.  Or perhpas the photo is supposed to suggest that the furnitire leaves plenty of room for the junk in your apartment.

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