Jeremiah Standup: Holiday Open Mic

Here’s some choice segments from a standup set I tried at SuperEgo’s December 24th open mic at Broadway Comedy Club.  I have deleted out for my benefit and yours my constant checking of my notes as well as other elements which may have cast me in a bad light.  

I really enjoy doing standup and I think it’s one of those things that take a lot of time of actually doing it as opposed to studying how to do it.  It’s such a brief art form and reliant on the audience that I I just have to do it.   Over and over again.  The open mics can be painful when you forget what you say or don’t get laughs but these failures–I HOPE–help me develop a thicker skin as well as a technique.

I’ve found out that I have more fun developing an “idea” of what I want to do as opposed to a script.  The “idea” has to be detailed and rehearsed a few times, but I find if I try to memorize jokes, I get on stage and just recite jokes.  It looks and feels stiff.  if I go up there with a little bit of danger and room to breath I can “be in the moment.” I can think while I’m performing as opposed to just remembering.  But this also gives me a larger chance of having nothing to say once I’m in front of people.  It’s like life.

Wow, this youtube video description is really pompous.

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