Jeremiah Standup: More Campaign Flyers!

In this set at SuperEgo hosted by Michelle Dobrawsky and Dale Sorenson last night, I continue my comedic crusade against campaign flyers which continue to cram my mailbox. I guess what ticks me off about these things is the overkill, the unimpressive boasting, endorsements by relatively unknown entities, and lack of information about the office for the which the candidates are running as well as negligible amount of specific plans to better the city. And let’s face it, all a politician has to do to get votes in New York is promise lower rents and cheaper commuting–yet no one seems capable of promising such things so instead we are bombarded with flyers. And on top of that, everyone seems to be for better schools, yet around 90% of all flyers contain gross grammatical errors and/or poor sentence structure. Perhaps, the bogus reading and writing tests we subject our students too should also be applied to our local elected officials.

And despite the mad dash to the post office the Democratic primary voter turnout was the lowest yet.

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