Jeremiah’s Complaints: Who Let Those Damn Kids in the Comic Book Store!!??


I was in the comic book store the other day, picking up my weekly groceries of literature when I saw a couple kids running around.  The nerve of some parents!  A wave of discomfort washed over me and several of my comic book shopping colleagues, all men in their thirties to forties, as we had to move away from the racks to accommodate comic book buyers twenty years our junior .  There’s no place for children in comic book stores.  Comic Books are complicated serialized stories full of moral debate, modern philosophies, and exaggerated physicalities using cartoon pictures and word bubbles.  Clearly, an adult medium.  What is an eight year old doing in the store, other than to make the rest of us feel a sudden sense of “Oh crap, maybe I’m too old for this stuff”???  Who let those damn kids in the comic book store?  They should be in McDonald’s, getting fat.  If I’m paying $2.99 a pop, I want velvet ropes and a bouncer at my comic book shop.

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