Dear Acting Diary: Putting Derek the Doozer in Star Wars

My friend and colleague Wayne Henry asked me to help with an idea he had for his character Derek the Doozer to appear in a scene from Star Wars.  Wayne had the scene picked out as well as a script.  The challenge was to delete Princess Leia from the scene and insert Derek.  It looked like the editing of Star Wars would make this easy for us because of the  back and forth shots of Carrie Fisher and Mark Hammill.  Thanks to the Sage Theater, we shot Derek’s bits against a black background using wooden blocks to recreate the prison bench.

Using my DVD player, the TV hookup of my camcorder, and my Macbook I was able to get the Star Wars footage pretty easily.  I then chopped up the scene and inserteed Derek. 

But there were two problems:

1) Derek’s eyeline was off, it didn’t look like he was talking to Mark Hammill.  It looked like he was looking the other way.  I solved this problem by using a plugin in iMovie which let me flip the footage of Derek.  Now, he’s looking at Luke.

2) The sound was weird because the music wasn’t present in the scenes with Derek.  So I found what I thought was close enough to the music in the scene and just put it over the whole scene.  I thought this would sound weird over the music in the sclips of Luke, but I think it worked pretty good.

I also added my voice in the end over the Admiral.

And that’s how a youtube video is made!


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