President Obama, Gas Mileage, and Using Your Feet

I think President Obama says a lot of good things here about taking a look at energy companies, but he doesn’t say much on reducing car use, carpooling, and public transportation, three obvious solutions to help with the current energy crisis. A lot of people just use cars because of laziness or snobbery of the bus. If more of us used our two good feet, bicycles hanging in the garage, or bus passes we might not need to hop in a car as much. “Convenience,” as Eddie McOwskey says, “breeds negligences.”

And the President mentions a goal of 55 MPG for a car in the middle of the next decade, while impressive compared to the current average mileage, I think we might be low-balling it when people like Tom Ogle (in the 1970s!) have claimed engine modifications yielding 100mpg.  To me, engine modifications on existing cars seem a much better route than simply focussing on producing newer, better cars since we already have so many cars on the road wasting gas.

I recommend the documentary Gas Hole, (not for those with allergic reactions to conspiracy videos) here’s a clip:

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