Holiday Party Games

Holiday Greetings!

You know the holidays are among my favorite times of the year: the country hillside covered with fresh snow, crisp sunsets reaching their amber arms over the tree tops, and office workers pushing free sweets to the point of harassment.  It makes life seem like a storybook filled with the greatest of pictures.

What could possibly make the season any better you may ask? Holiday Party Games. Here are some of my favorites:

Emotional Charades: One person tries to display an emotion that the rest have to guess. Whoever successfully guesses the emotion wins. If no one guesses the correct emotion the person must continue to act that emotion for the rest of the holiday. Prizes include catharitic release and therapy. If the spouse of the person displaying the emotion fails to identify it, the couple must sit down and discuss their future as well as whether or not their past together has been a waste of time.

Family Name Concentration: Try to remember everyone’s name and two interesting things about them. The winner recieves a prize of a pleasant holiday. The loser must live with shame.

Connect Poor Mouthing: Discuss your finances aloud and to no one in particular. Also suggest what the Holiday would have been like if you hadn’t had such a rough year. Bonus points for remarking how expensive every one else’s gifts are.

Sorry! Whoever apologizes the most wins. No subject is taboo, the only rule is that it must have occurred within your lifespan. Beginners usually apologize for the basics such as forgetting to send thank you notes, not making it to weddings, and that “it’s been so long.” Advanced players will apologize for allowing certain couples to be wed, certain children to be born, and certain allergy inducing foods to be abundantly present in the holiday casserole.

Big Whoop: Everyone partners up. Whenever your partner says something pleasant or optimisitic you must reply “Big Whoop.”

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