How did he fly the planes?

I just read the wikipedia entry for Colton Harris-More, the “Barefoot Bandit.” How did this kid fly planes? Is it that easy to learn or is he a genius?

This is the most exciting wikipedia page I have ever read! Stealing planes, engines getting shot out of boats, crash landing in the Bahamas… All without a college degree.

 Now that’s he’s been apprehended it certainly looks like he found his calling:

Harris-Moore has said that he plans to spend his time in prison studying in preparation for applying to college in order to earn a degree in aeronautical engineering.

Did Hitler Escape to Indonesia?

Did Hitler escape to Indonesia? Peter Levenda thinks so and he lays out his case in Ratline: Soviet Spies, Nazi Priests, and the Disappearance of Adolf Hitler. I haven’t read the book but Ian Punnet had Lavenda on Coast to Coast a couple weeks ago and talked about the evidence he found suggesting Hitler made it to Indonesia and posed as an Austrian Doctor managing a hospital. Here’s the link: Hitler’s Escape – Shows – Coast to Coast AM.

The Coast to Coast show is only available through a paid subscription. But, if you’re looking for something a little more free, I found this podcast on the Progressive Radio Network which interviewed Levenda recently about the book. I haven’t listened to it, but here it is:

Levenda’s story has Hitler settling down with an Indonesian bride and converting to Islam. What I would question most about this story would be the whole Hitler posing as a doctor thing. Did he have to learn how to be a doctor? It is kind of a bizarre fate for a man who murdered so many, managing a hospital.

Lavenda builds his theory on that many high ranking Nazis successfully evaded capture by the Allies at the end or the war, the witnesses to Hitler’s suicide giving contradictory details, and an Indonesian news article by a man who met an Austrian doctor who seemed a little suspicious.

The above photo is from National Lampoon.

Lunar Anomalies!

Vito Saccheri Moon Show Special | The Paracast Community Forums.

A friend gave me the above link which discusses an episode of an old radio show, UFOs Tonight with Don Decker which interviews Vito Saccheri  (mp3 files are linked on the site) . Mr. Saccheri claims to have seen some very bizarre photos containing artificial structures on the Moon. Tricks of the eye? Alien bases? Evidence of prehistoric advanced human lunar civilization?

If anything, the show is entertaining. I particularly enjoyed the bit where Saccheri and his associate sneak into a NASA building and try to blend in.

Do I believe there are these structures on the moon? I find Mr. Saccheri compelling but wouldn’t amateur astronomers be able catch some of these things?

The book, Somebody Else is On The Moon by George Leonard, referenced throughout the show, is a little hard to find but you can get a used copy on Amazon to the tune of a day’s pay:

If you’re into to kooky moon stories, then may I recommend Frank Todaro’s Invisible World, episode 85 where his guest Phil Ristaino discusses Jay Weidner’s documentary “Kubrick’s Odyssey.” The documentary builds the case that Kubrick filmed the moon landing. I don’t think Weidner claims that we never made it just that what everyone saw on TV was a film production. Apparently The Shining is full of subtle clues that Kubrick left us to unravel this mystery.

I embedded the Invisible World show below. I haven’t seen the documentary Kubrick’s Odyssey, but it can be purchased here: There’s copies online that aren’t to hard to find, but I don’t think the filmmaker is too happy about those, so I won’t post them.

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