Bob’s Jedi Deli

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, why not come on down to Bob’s Jedi Deli?

Bob’s Jedi Deli is a track from All That Is Holy, a comedy album which features some of my hilarious stand-up and kooky sketches.

I made this video using Google image Search, Photoshop, and iMovie6.

Jabba The Hutt at The Comedy Hut

This is an audio sketch I made a little while back. I think the idea came from doing open mics and feeling like no one was listening. I had fun making (and borrowing) all the audience sounds, especially Jabba’s fan in the back of the room and the Storm Trooper at the bar.

I recorded this sketch on a multi-track recorder and played around with reverb to get that “comedy club sound.” I found the Wookie sound effects online (I forget the link but it was an official Star Wars soundboard or something). I dropped the pitch of my voice doing Jabba a tad and found The Complete Wermo’s Guide to Huttese for help with the vocabulary.

I forget where I found the sound of C-WHAT-PO’s gyros, but I remember it was a long search. I think I bought something off of For the Storm Troopers and C-WHAT-PO, I played around with a hi-pass filter and some distortion to make it have that “droid/helmet speaker” sound.

I edited the sketch on Garageband, but I never like how Garageband exports “songs.” The exported “song” never sounds right to me. So what I do is, play the sketch on Garageband and record the playback with Audio Hijack, which records a great CD quality .wav file.