You’ve Just Been Terrorized with an Info-Bomb!

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I was learning how to record phone calls and tried out this Alex Jones impression on the InfoWars tip line.

Mysterious Universe Fake Whistleblower Contest: The Men in Brown

Here is my entry for the Mysterious Universe Fake Whistleblower Contest. Mysterious Universe is a top-notch podcast examining stories of the bizarre, unexplained, and paranormal hosted by Benjamin Grundy and Aaron Wright. They are currently holding a contest for the best “fake whistleblower,” i.e. someone who comes out of the shadows and divulges top secret information. The winner receives a salt lamp.

President Obama, Insult Comic

I saw some of President Obama’s recent roast of the Republican Party and thought he came off as a seasoned Insult Comic.  Here’s my impression.

National Sketch Writing Month: Eddie McOwskey Press Conference


Eddie McOwskey Press Conference
By Jeremiah Murphy

Good Mornings Folks, I’m Eddie McOwskey, candidate for New Jersey State Governors. Please listen to me, while I try to persuade youse with manipulative speech and tentative promises.

Folks, why should you vote for me? Simple. I’m the best. I’m not one to sling mud around pig pens, so I’ll refrain from the usual petty attacks. However, my opponents, Jonny Corzines and Chris Christies are both fat, ugly, and quite frankly smell like a hippopotamus’s dirty butts. Like a hippopatumus’s dirty butts. It’s either that or me. I think the choice is simples.

(in a deep, raspy voice)
Vote McOwskey or Vote for Stinky-Sweet Pachyderm Butt.

I have to do my own scary poltical ad narration voice.

Now. I’ll accept questions. Yes, you from the New York Times.

Actually, I’m not from the New York Times. I write a blog that some kids in my high school read.

We all have to start somewheres. May your dreams come true, dear boys. What is your question? Perhaps you’d like to know about my administration’s candy and comic book bailout plan? Or my CD pick of the week?

You plainly said that you would not engage in mudslinging but in the following sentence you called you opponents ugly, fat, and smelly. Why did you contradict yourself in such an obvious light.

Thank you for that great question, young man. Actually, you may be too young to understand but the voting public likes to hear everything. They like to hear you promise to not say mean things, then they like to hear you say mean things. It shows that one has the formissitude to betray oneself for the good of the public’s moralities and entertainments.

Isn’t that lying, Mr. McOwskey?

Henry, when you’re an adult you don’t get accused of lying, you get accused of misspeaking and spreading misinformation.  And even then the accusations don’t occur until a day or two laters and never, ever in front of anyones faces.  Next question, yes you from the Wall Street Journal.

Actually, I just keep a diary.

At least it has one dedicated reader, which is more than the Wall Street Journal can attest.  That rags.

I didn’t have a question.  I was just stretching.

Oh, yeah so was I.

The Night Devil: Evil-9, Episode 2

Conspiracy! Grapple Guns! Fare Evasion! Danger!

Here’s the first draft of “The Night Devil: Evil-9, Episode 2.” It’s part of my “audio comic” line of projects mixing elements of radio drama, music, and still images. I produce this episode using Garageband for all the audio as well as iMovie for putting together the still images. Check it out!

Chuckles the Birthday Bear

Laptop Standup!

I got this idea today: Al Pacino, Job Counselor. I’m dealing with some allergy issues, which might help with the impression.

A couple weeks ago I was bored at work and thought it would be hilarious if Jeff Foxworthy instead of doing “You might be a redneck” jokes did “You might have a bad back” jokes. At the time, they sounded hilariously similar (to me).

Jesus Talks about Prayers

Jeremiah’s Character Lab: Jesus

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