Magic: The Jeffersons Theme Song over The Jetsons

You can’t move up much further than the Jetsons.

Gather Ye Rosebuds

I was meditating last night and got the idea for this short. I shot it on a Canon T3i, edited on iMovie 6 and added music in Garageband.

Here is the description I wrote on YouTube:

Gather Ye Rosebuds, a chilling cry to cast aside our responsibilities and engage in frivolities. Or perhaps, a cry from space? Is poetry an artificial construct or is the human experience coming from somewhere else? Are we destined or do we trudge along in a statistical maze on uncertaintly? Gather Ye Rosebuds is a film which examines these questions in the guise of a monster movie. To the astute observer this is merely a web video, but the untrained eye it is a gateway into the inner recesses of doubt. Are we who we think we are? What do we truly remember about our existence. Is the sun a giver of life or the remnant technology of a collapsed universe? Questions not answers are what give each of us breath. Join the mystery.

The George W. Bush Presidential Library Jokes

This week the United States dedicated a library to a President who stole an election (or two?), tricked us into war, and started us down the road of torture and illegal detainment. Here are some jokes I wrote about it.

Shakespeare in the Park for One

Some mornings you just want to get up and perform a little Shakespeare in the Park. This is Bottom’s “Dream Speech” from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a show I did in college.

Just Another Jeremiah Doing That Glengarry Glen Ross Monologue Video

This is a monologue from the screenplay of Glengarry Glenn Ross by David Mamet, made famous by Alec Baldwin. I noticed in the other video I did of this monologue, my attention seems to be all over the place so I tried to focus just on my scene partner, the camera.

The Walking Dead/Who’s The Boss?

I took the audio from the intro to The Walking Dead and put it over the video of the intro of Who’s The Boss? Magic.

Mozart The Cat’s Joey Lawrence Impression

I have finally started documenting my cat’s uncanny impression of actor Joey Lawrence.

Recent Videos I’ve Made

Here are some recent videos I’ve been making. All except for the stand-up reel were shot with a Canon T3i and edited with iMovie and Garageband.

Bro Angeles: Taco Truck
A comedy sketch inspired by Portlandia.

Doctor Space!

I made this video using a real e-mail from work.

Glengarry Glen Ross Monologue

Here’s a monologue I’ve been doing at theatre auditions. Caution: Dramatic Language!

Stand-Up Comedy Reel

Here are some highlights from my stand-up comedy. Caution: Frank discussion of male anatomy.

Professor Damrosch and The Cinnamon Broom


Here’s another short film I made at my temp job. It’s a high finance thriller. I hope no one overheard me and reported me to HR. CAUTION: very nasty language. Edited on iMovie 6.

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