Tech Tips: Converting Music from YouTube Videos to MP3s

Let’s say you find a video on YouTube that features a song you’d like to listen to on a CD, in your iPod, etc.  Here’s what you do (this works on both Macs and PCs)…

1. Find the web address (URL) of the YouTube video.  It’s usually listed right on the YouTube page you’re watching or just grab it from the browser.

2.  If you do a web search for a website that can download YouTube videos, you’ll probably find a bunch of sites, such as:

3. Enter the URL of your YouTube video at the above website, per the website”s instructions.

4. Choose to download the video into a non-Flash format, such as a .mpg file.

5. Open the downloaded video file in Quicktime Pro.

6. Export the video file to an audio file, such as a .wav file. Or just try importing the .mpg video file into iTunes and skip to step 8.

7. Import the new audio file into iTunes.

8. In iTunes under the Advanced tab, click on “Create mp3 version.You may need to change your iTunes preferences if you do not see such an option.

9. Make sure you have permission to posses this new mp3 audio file.


If you have a pre-amp or other such audio interface, and if you do, you’ve probably figured out this cheat.

1. Insert a cable with two male ends from the headphone jack of your computer into the input jack of your pre-amp.

2. Record the audio using Audacity or a similar audio recording program.

3. Convert to mp3 using iTunes as mentioned above.

4. Make sure you have permission to posses this new mp3 audio file.

Tech Tips: Rebuilding iPhoto Thumbnails

I’m always having trouble with the thumbnails in iPhoto–I have loads of photos that are no longer on my computer but are still in my iPhoto thumbnail gallery.

I found the way to have iPhoto rebuild your thumbnail gallery if while iPhoto starts up hit command (or the apple key) and “option” at the same time.

Thanks to this article at Silver Mac:

Tech Tips: Seperating First and Last Names into 2 Columns in Excel

Say you have an Excel list that contains both first and last names in the same column. You probably need to put first names in one column and last names in the other.

I don’t really understand the process, but I pasted the formulas and followed instructions from this page:;en-us;72573

It works!

Tech Tips: Downloading Web Videos such as those found on Youtube

Downloading videos found on sites such as YouTube is easy.

1. Find the URL (web address) of the video you want to download
2. Go to and enter the URL of the video you want to download.
3. I recommend to choose the “save as mpg file” option. FLV files don’t seem too user-friendly. is just one site that enables you to download web videos, a web search will turn up a high number of other options.

Please note: It’s probably a bad idea to download and broadcast content that is owned by someone else.

Tech Tips: Flipping an Excel Chart

Need to flip a spreadsheet in Excel and turn columns into rows or vice versa?

Here’s what you do:

Highlight the area you want to flip
Click copy or paste
Click on empty cell where you want the flipped items to go, make sure the cell is empty.
Click “Paste Special” and in the options check “Transpose”
That should do it!

For further reference check out: