MLK was a Trekkie

Being that it’s Star Trek’s birthday I came across this article on the Christian Science Monitor:

Who knew Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Trekkie?

In fact, Nichols later revealed in an interview with NPR, King was actually a driving force in persuading her to stay on the show when she was mulling other career opportunities. This happened in the 1960s, at an NAACP fundraiser in Beverly Hills. Nichols was approached by King, who claimed to be a “Trekkie” himself, as well as her “greatest fan.”

Nichols confessed she was thinking of leaving Star Trek.

” ‘You cannot do that,’ ” King said, in Nichols’ recollection. “And I was stunned. He said, ‘Don’t you understand what [series creator Gene Roddenberry] has achieved? For the first time, we are being seen the world over as we should be seen.’ He says, ‘do you understand that this is the only show that my wife Coretta and I will allow our little children to stay up and watch.’ I was speechless,” Nichols remembered.

Two Different News Stories: One Answer

Well it looks like Earth is ending:,0,4125302.story

But it looks like we’re going to Mars (but you might need a headshot):

I have that feeling I used to have when I lived in New York and I knew the lease was about end. Living any other place just seemed like moving to another planet.

But seriously, I’m excited about Mars. If Reality TV gives us space travel, it might clear up its debt with humanity. 

Photo of Mars by NASA

Favorite Things: Egypt is Free

Here’s a little fun with other people’s footage.

My Concerns on the Ground Zero Mosque

I have a few concerns about this Ground Zero Mosque we’re building. I was in Manhattan on 9/11/2001 and drive by Ground Zero every day, so I think I have some solid perspective.

Here are my concerns:

The location of the Mosque: It’s not exactly on Ground Zero, it’s a couple blocks away.  This is pointless.  Perhaps we should consider putting it actually in Ground Zero, make it really tall, as a little insurance policy that history doesn’t repeat itself. 

Transportation: Come on, Lower Manhattan?  Where’s Osama bin laden supposed to park?  We expect the leader of Al Qaeda to take the train in the middle of Ramadan?  Let’s roll out the red carpet a little for our foreign visitors.

Moderate Muslims: I have been hearing, time and time again, that this Mosque is being made by moderate Muslims.  Come on, guys.  Let’s get the extremist, crazy-town, bomb’s away, infidel fearing, I’ll do anything to get out of the desert Muslims in there so we know where to catch and hold them guilty until proven innocent.

Not-So-Sparkling Vistas: In the Mosque’s current location, I’m afraid the view will be quite poor in the secret room where President Obama and Mohammed will meet every Tuesday to discuss how to run the world.  A nice solid panorama of the city would really make us all the more human as these two decide which liberties to steal from us.

Powerpoint: My Trip to North Korea by Bill Clinton


I found this Powerpoint Bill Clinton made of his North Korea trip.

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Funny Friday Night Videos

It’s funny Friday. Check out these three from Amazon Women on the Moon. I remember seeing the movie posters plastered all over New York when I was 10 and wondering what this R-rated movie was about. Now, thanks to YouTube, I can finally find out:

Ed Begley, Jr.’s commitment to lunacy cracks me up. I like how the bar puts up with him.

I like Steve Guttenberg’s mumbling reactions when his date is reading his history.

And here’s some classic Joe Dolce:

There he is! The Man who runs the world!

There he is! The man behind it all, watching from his secret lair, making sure everything's going according to his power-grabbing plan.

There he is! The man behind it all, watching from his secret lair, making sure everything's going according to his power-grabbing plan.

I was looking through the New York Times website when I noticed this incriminating picture of Secretary Geitner.  There on the wall is a television showing the man who is secretly running it all: the government, the religions, and the media.  From this picture it is easy to conclude that this is the man behind the proverbial “They,” as in “they want you to think that.”  And there they are watching us from their Big brother like computer screen, making sure it’s all part of the program.  We can’t see much from this picture but common sense allows us to deduce the following:

  • He is 200 years old
  • He keeps watch on Washington from a cave 50 miles below the surface of the Earth
  • He killed JFK, puts flouride in our water, doesn’t want us to know about the aliens and their free zero point energy, knows about the Hollow Earth, is in charge of faking Global Warming, and knows the absolute truth as passed on by the pharoahs yet keeps it from us to secure his power over the world.

Some have suggested that is merely an image of Barney Frank on a T.V. screen.  To the educated observer, this clearly isn’t the case.  The evidence is paramount, what more do you need, skeptics?

The Jeremiah Times: Online Acting Lessons,, & Music

Dear Patriots, Pirates, and Principled,
Happy Chinese New Year, y’all! I hope everyone’s either enjoying or successfully battling the polar winds. There’s still a couple more days to make a New Year’s resolutions. If you need some here are a few extra ones that I have laying around…
I resolve to:
Win a million dollars!
Make peace with Father Time!
Only purchase organic Scotch Tape!
Stop using shopping bags and start stuffing items down the lining of my coat (saves the environment and the wallet)!
Walk into every single “Staples” I come across ask them if they sell staples then laugh hysterically, wipe my brow, and leave!
Eat no donut without eating it’s donut hole!
Stop pretending I understand people on my cell phone when I can’t hear a word they say!
Do everything 20 times as fast!
Update my personal files!
Be a vegetarian when it’s convenient!
Stop getting defensive when people at my temp job ask me what I did last weekend!
Befriend a book!
Don’t use crayons when colored pencils will do!
Climb every Mountain!
Win the War on Procrastination!
Collect my favorite email forwards from the 1990s (such as that list on how to freak out your roommate and the recipe for Neiman Marcus cookies)!
Tomorrow, Wed, 1/28, I’ll be on a webTV show called Stacy & Friends along with some other kooky characters. It’s from around 9-10pm. If you register as a user you can join in the chat. If you like comedy, cooking, and the occasional crude comment from 12 year old internet users, check out Stacy & Friends. You can see the show, here:
Also, if you’re either new to acting or a seasoned professional, check out my free online Acting Lessons!

And finally, attached is one of my original tunes, “2009,” I made with Garageband. Check it out!
Happy Year of the Ox!

The Jeremiah Times: Improv Show Monday 1/19 @ 7pm, Music, 2009 Predictions, & McOwskey

Dear Fellow Travellers, Bon Vivants, Famed Explorers, and Ne’er-do-wells, 
Happy 2009! I hope everyone is having a good start to a year that critics are already calling “A-Hold-On-To-Your-Seat-Thrill Ride,”  ”A Perplexing Tapestry of Suspense,” and “You Have to See It To Believe It!”
Since you’re probably wondering, here are my predictions for 2009:

Total Economic and Social Collapse
Total Economic and Social Recovery
Cats will gain the ability to speak and clog UN proceedings  with requests of boiled Chicken and crinkly ball toys
New York will become part of Rhode Island
Jiminy Cricket will once again be the talk of the town – much to the chagrin of F. Murray Abraham.
A scientist in a garage will discover the cure to cottonmouth.
We will all be amazed by the new video phone
Ginger will be the new chocolate
The best selling book will be titled “I Can’t Believe It IS Butter: How We Were Lied To for Over 20 Damn Years”
We will start living in domed cities underwater and in Ohio.
Billie will lose Phil Collin’s number and he will go on a bender.
A Computer will run for president.
We will all wear caps made out of Polio.
The sky will be slightly less blue as fossil fuels are replaced with corn ethanol.
Osama Bin Laden will come out of hiding to take advantage of the President’s Day Sale at T.J. Max 
Bill Clinton will grow three feet taller and roam the Pacific Northwest, terrorizing hunters.
Bill Gates will grow five feet shorter and cobble shoes together from pixie dust and copper.
The George W. Bush Presidential Library will amaze youngsters with its collection of Encyclopedia Brown DVDs.
There will be a world wide coffee shortage, causing people to wake up routinely at 11am and “be fine with it.”
Joe Rogan will come out from retirement.
Anderson Cooper will star in a sitcom where he moves in with his crazy uncle (Tom Wopat) to run the family thrift store.

And finally you will laugh next Monday, 1/19, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at…

CHARACTER DOGVILLE – Monday, MLK Day, 1/19 @7pm
Improv Comedy from Kooky Characters
Featuring characters by: Jeremiah Murphy, Carrie Sipple, Wayne Henry, Stacy Mayer, Luke Meginsky, Ryan Stratton, and Justin Herfel
Where? The Peoples Improv Theater, 154 West 29th Street
How Much? Five Dollars
More info:
This is our second show at the PIT and they want to see if we can draw a big crowd. If you’re free that night come on by. Then after the show we can all discuss…
In honor of Dr. King I recommend checking out on of his greatest but often forgotten speeches, “Beyond Vietnam,” which really slams the establishment with a call to oppose the unholy trinity of racism, militarism, and materialism. Beyond Vietnam:
Vote McOwskey!
You can help your favorite gubernatorial candidate two ways:
1. Vote on what slogans should go into his sticker campaign at:
2. Help Eddie find his way to winning the election (maze attached)
  (click image to enlarge)
I’ve been learning how to use “Garageband” and I made the attached song using the instrument samples and pulled some sound clips from a “Hugh and Laurie” sketch as well as the CBS news.
That’s it from this issue of the Jeremiah Times. I hope everyone is well!




Obama Urges Public to Not Be Too Optimistic About Obama

In a last minute press conference, President-Elect Barack Obama announced, “I just want to mention, I’ve gone over all of our country’s problems, not too mention the world’s, and I don’t think I can, in good conscience, be the President everyone is hoping for. I mean, I can work with the Republicans on bills and amendments and stuff… but, man alive… I got two wars on my hands, this bum economy, the healthcare crisis, and if everyone could just forget about global warming for a few month’s I’d really appreciate it. You see, in a couple weeks everyone’s going to be looking to Barack to fix everything. And Barack just wants to say, ‘Don’t get your hopes too high.’ I can maybe give you a tax credit or something. Honestly, I kind of envy President Bush and your low-expectations that saved him from criticism.”

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